There is nothing better to avoid the stress involved in decorating a party or event than to put the details in the hands of professionals. Our agency guarantees you a unique experience. We take care of every detail, whether you are thinking of your wedding, an important corporate event or your daughter’s Sweet 15 in Cuba. Everything is prepared according to your interests, from conception to realization, with the variety of services you request.

We offer the opportunity to choose themes to make your party an unforgettable moment. This is your opportunity for your event to be just as you designed it without the slightest effort on your part. We have highly qualified and creative specialists. Also our main concern is that the customer is pleased with the organization of an original party and to get satisfactory results.

You can choose the venue: from a hotel to a private lounge. In our catalogues you will be able to evaluate a range of possibilities for the decoration of your party according to the levels of preference; all of them have a unique and attractive identity. A lot of attention will be paid to the complexity of the design and the personalization of the details.

Among the services you can request are the presence of live artists or suggest recorded music to enliven the atmosphere. Models of other decorations are not copied, but originality is pursued, be it Cuban style, more classic or more modern, intimate or popular.

We include everything in one: decoration, buffet, stylist, transportation in elegant cars, photography and much more.

With just one click you will save   time and ensure your demands are met to the last stroke. Book now.