If you are a Spanish or Cuban citizen and you are researching marriage in Cuba with a Spaniard, you must assess the requirements that allow you to formalize the union. Later, if it is of your interest, you can apply for the family reunification visa. The first step to take is the marriage registration and then apply for the visa.

The Cuban spouse must go to Spain and remain in the foreign country in order to be granted the Community Family Residence. For her it is necessary to meet the requirements that we show you in this article.

Documents required to get married in Cuba with Spanish

The documents vary if it is a Cuban or Spanish citizen, so it is best to review each aspect and have all the paperwork before approaching a Specialized Law Firm to carry out the marriage bond.

What must the Spanish spouse present?

– Two birth certificates. One legalized for marriage in Cuba and another for the Spanish consulate.

– Two registration certificates

– Photocopy of ID before a notary

– In case of being single, attest to it and legalize that document in Cuba, in addition to having another certificate for the Spanish consulate.

-If you are divorced you will need: Two marriage certificates with an annotation in the margin of divorce legalized in both countries or Divorce Decree, it is not a requirement that the document is legalized.

It should be noted that in the event that the divorce occurred more than six months ago, the document attesting to the divorce status must be presented to the Spanish consulate.

– If the Spanish citizen is a widower, they require: Two previous marriage certificates, two spouse death certificates and a widowhood document. Everything must be legalized in both countries to get married in Cuba and be valid in Spain.

Documents that the Cuban spouse must present to the Cuban authorities:

– Identity card

– Birth certificate

– Divorce certificate or copy of said notarial deed, if applicable

-For women with less than 300 days of divorce, they must show a medical certificate to attest to their pregnancy status in case she presents it.

-If the person is a widow, she must present a marriage and death certificate of the spouse.

Where can you legalize your Spanish documents?

All documents issued in Spain must be legalized through diplomatic channels. When carrying out said legalization, you must say that they are for Cuba since there are two types of stamps: a single apostille from The Hague and those through diplomatic channels of those who signed the Andrés Bello agreement, the latter being specific for Cuba.

The stamp of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is not necessary, this depends on the place of residence. This is related to the jurisdiction of the Cuban consulate in Spain for those who live in the province or in an autonomous community of Madrid, Castilla León, Castilla la Mancha, La Rioja, Navarra and the Basque Country.

In the case of Madrid, the documents can be legalized in:

– Ministry of Justice of the community

– Ministry of Justice of Madrid

– Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Request an appointment.

– Cuban Consulate in Madrid

For the other provinces it is legalized in the following institutions:

– Supreme Court of Justice of the community

– Consulate of Cuba to which your community belongs

How long are these documents valid?

The Birth Certificate is valid for two years, from its date of issue until the marriage takes place.

The Single Certificate is valid for six months, and if the person is single or widowed, they must present all the documents corresponding to each case with a duration of six months as well.

The expiration of the documents in the Spanish consulate is three months just at the moment of their legalization through diplomatic channels.

What are the prices and tariffs of all the documentation to present to get married in Cuba with Spanish?

– By notarial deed of marriage: 13125 CUP

– Writing protocol: 2500 CUP

– Documents made immediately: 1875 CUP

– Stamp stamps: 125 and 500 CUP

Three Marriage Certificates will be delivered in Cuba to accredit this union of spouses before the Cuban authorities and other countries.

Finally, you must remember that this marriage act that occurred in Cuba must be registered at the Spanish Consulate in Cuba or at a Spanish Civil Registry in order for it to be accepted by the Spanish authorities and to give visa approval for family reorganization


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