The new law recognizes that same-sex couples can legally marry before the relevant authorities and, in addition, can legally adopt children if they wish.

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What documents do I need to celebrate my equal marriage in Cuba?

To carry out the same-sex marriage process in Cuba, you must visit one of the Collective Law Firms in the country, the Wedding Palace or Notaries. The legalization process is simple, if you have the necessary documents.

The first thing is to go to the Center or Notary with the identity cards of both members of the couple. In the case of marriage between Cubans and foreigners, the assistance of one of the spouses can be dispensed with if they have a legalized Special Power of Attorney.

An essential requirement is to go with two witnesses who have their identity documents respectively. If it were the case of divorced people, they must present themselves with a divorce or marriage certificate previously contracted with their divorce notice.

If the marital status of one of the members of the couple is widowed: she must deliver the certificates of widowhood, marriage with widowhood certificate of the spouse and the marriage and death certificate of the spouse. All documents are issued by the Civil Status Registry.

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Legalization of gay marriage in Cuba between Cubans and foreigners?

Yes, marriage between people of the same sex with different nationalities is allowed in Cuba. The documentation required for the process varies.

To get married in Cuba with a foreigner, it is requested in International Legal Consultancies or in the Specialized Services Law Firms. The requirements are:

For the Cuban citizen:

– Present identity card

– Attend with two witnesses with their respective identification documents

-If the person is a minor, they must present the public authorization of their parents granted before a Notary.

– If either of the future spouses is divorced, they must show the divorce certificate or the previous marriage document together with the divorce note, both legal records must be issued by the Civil Registry.

– If the marital status is widowed, you must present the corresponding certifications:

  1. a) certification of widowhood
  2. b) marriage certificate and attach the spouse’s widow’s note
  3. c) marriage and death certificate of the previous spouse

For the foreign citizen:

– Birth certificate

– Passport or identity document with the boarding pass or tourist visa

-Documentation of singleness or sworn statement authorized by a notary, if he is single. You must bear in mind that this document prescribes after 6 months of being issued.

– If you are a woman, you must show a medical certificate specifying in case of pregnancy to determine the paternity of the child that will be born.

– In case of being divorced, you need to present the final decree of divorce

-If the foreign citizen is a minor, he has to present the public authorization of both parents before a notary.

– All documents to be presented abroad must be translated into Spanish, to be legalized in the corresponding consulate of the Republic of Cuba.

Foreign citizens can legalize the documents at the Cuban consulate abroad; these must be presented at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Cuba. We recommend hiring an International Legal Consulting service or a specialized Services Firm.

Frequent questions

If you have any doubts after reading the entire article, here we make a compilation of the most important topics:

What is the process for equal marriage in Cuba?

The future spouses must visit a Notary or International Legal Consultancy, or if they prefer, a Specialized Services Firm.

There they must set the date of the ceremony, always with a term of 72 hours after making the request. On the wedding day, they will present the documentation explained above and two witnesses must be accompanied.

What are the requirements that witnesses must meet?

The requirements to witness a marriage in Cuba are:

– Being over 18 years

– Master the Spanish language

– Not be legally incapacitated

– Not being blind or deaf, special conditions that prevent them from having knowledge about the facts they declare, due to said limitations.

– No witness may have blood ties within the fourth degree or second degree of affinity with the authorizing Notary.