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Honeymoon in Cuba

Honeymoon in Cuba

Book your Honeymoon in Cuba here. We have a wide range of beautiful accommodation offers: private houses, hostels, apartments, beach houses, villas with pool and hotels.

We have excellent locations for your wedding celebration: at the beach, countryside, city, on ecological and exotic sites.

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Weddings8 October, 2018

How to marry a Cuban woman

In the following article we explain how to marry a Cuban woman or man and the formalities that this operation implies. To enter into marriage with a Cuban national, foreigners […]

Weddings8 October, 2018

Places to get married in Cuba

Getting married is one of the most important decisions one makes in life, so taking the time to carefully plan the details of this moment is not too bad. They […]

Weddings8 October, 2018

How much does getting married in Cuba cost? How much does a wedding cost in Cuba?

If you ask yourself: how much does a wedding in Cuba cost; we can tell you that this is a relative value that depends on factors such as family budget, […]

Weddings8 October, 2018

Decoration for a Cuban party or event

There is nothing better to avoid the stress involved in decorating a party or event than to put the details in the hands of professionals. Our agency guarantees you a […]

Weddings8 October, 2018

Marriage in Cuba. International Juridical Consultancy of Cuba

Would you like to get married in Cuba?   After having decided to marry in Cuba it is important that you know about the services provided by the International Legal […]

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