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Wedding decorations in Cuba, decoration of parties and events

Wedding decorations in Cuba. Decoration of parties and events

With our decorating service you won’t have to worry about anything, kiss goodbye to stress and enjoy your party. You can tell us your dream; no matter if it is a wedding on the beach, in a forest, on the shore of a lake or in a hot air balloon, we will make your fantasy come true. Our wedding and party decoration services in Cuba are designed to give your event a magical setting.

  • We organize and advise everything related to suppliers and logistics, during the months prior to the wedding or event.
  • We will put within your reach locations to realize your dream: lounges, beaches, farms, restaurants, among other ideas.
  • We offer and carry out several proposals of personalized design to decorate and to atmosphere all the spaces of your wedding, adapting us to your tastes and preferences.
  • Our qualified team of decorating artists will follow up the entire event, with the goal that nothing spoils such an important day.


We recommend you check our packages that include the decoration service:

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You can take only the decoration service but by taking a complete package, everything will be easier and the visual element of the celebration will be guaranteed combining all the elements of the party and transforming it into an indelible memory in everyone’s memory

Wedding and party decoration services in

With our decoration service we guarantee the visual element of your celebration, transforming it into an indelible memory in everyone’s minds.