In Cuba, a beautiful island in the Caribbean, marriage between Cubans and Mexicans is allowed, and it is possible to formalize the union through the Civil Status Registry and according to the provisions of Cuban law.

The procedure is not usually complicated, but it is essential that you know before getting married in Cuba, what are the requirements, the necessary documentation and notary prices.

Below, you will find all the information you are looking for about the marriage between Cubans and Mexicans.

What are the documents for marriage between Cubans and Mexicans?

The Cuban citizen must present:

  • Birth certificate
  • Identity card
  • Be accompanied by two witnesses who meet the legal requirements
  • If the contracting party is a minor, he needs the authorization of both parents, granted before a Notary, with the permission to marry in Cuba with a Mexican.
  • In the case of divorced citizens, you need to show the divorce certificate or the document of the previous marriage with a divorce note, these documents are issued by the Civil Registry of Cuba.
  • If the woman is divorced, she must also present, in the event that 300 days of the previous marriage have not occurred, a medical certificate stating whether she is pregnant or not to determine the paternity of the future child.
  • Citizens whose marital status is widowed, it is essential to have: the widowhood certificate, the marriage certificate with a note of widowhood or, failing that, the marriage certificate together with the death certificate of the former partner.

The Mexican citizen must present:

  • Birth certificate that must be duly legalized. This document is valid for two years, from the moment it is issued and until the union is made.
  • Passport with at least 6 months validity.
    Legal permission to stay in the Caribbean country: Tourist visa if you traveled in that modality or identity document if you reside temporarily or permanently in Cuba.
  • Single document or affidavit with the authorization of the notary stating that he is single. You should know that this document expires after 6 months of being issued.
  • Divorced Mexicans need to present the final divorce decree to get married in Cuba.
  • If she is a divorced woman, she must have a medical certificate specifying whether she is pregnant or not in order to define the paternity of the future child.
  • If the Mexican citizen is a minor, he needs the public authorization of his parents before a Notary.
  • Finally, you should know that all the documentation to be submitted must be translated into Spanish, in the event that this is not the case, to legalize them at the Mexican consulate of the Republic of Cuba.

If you are Mexican, you should know that the legalization process in Mexico is carried out first in the different ranches of your State and later by the Ministry of the Interior and Foreign Affairs in the Federal District. In this way, the documentation can take effect in Cuba.

Then, you must appear at the Cuban Consulate in Mexico, an essential requirement to get married in the National territory.


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