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How to get married in Cuba?

In this article we will explain step by step how to get married in Cuba: What documents should not be missing, how the process of contracting civil marriage occurs, the terms and costs of this procedure. Also, we will explain some particularities of Cuban legislation regarding marriage. Read carefully to discover every detail of the process of making your wedding in Cuba.


Places to get married in Cuba

Getting married is one of the most important decisions one makes in life, so taking the time to carefully plan the details of this moment is not too bad. They say that a good start is already a good sign for marriage, so we recommend some places to get married in Cuba that will make your wedding a beautiful and unforgettable moment.


How much does getting married in Cuba cost? How much does a wedding cost in Cuba?

If you ask yourself: how much does a wedding in Cuba cost; we can tell you that this is a relative value that depends on factors such as family budget, fantasies or sumptuousness. If you have decided to marry on our island, you should know the importance of the bureaucratic procedures and legal particularities involved in this decision and its associated costs. Follow the link and check on our website all the offers of Wedding Packages. We highly recommend these excellent Beach Wedding Packages.

Marriage can be contracted on the Island by Cubans residing in Cuba and foreigners residing outside of Cuba; foreigners and Cubans residing in other countries who will travel to Cuba for the wedding, and Cubans residing abroad with Cubans residing in the national territory.


Decoration for a Cuban party or event

There is nothing better to avoid the stress involved in decorating a party or event than to put the details in the hands of professionals. Our agency guarantees you a unique experience. We take care of every detail, whether you are thinking of your wedding, an important corporate event or your daughter’s Sweet 15 in Cuba. Everything is prepared according to your interests, from conception to realization, with the variety of services you request.


Marriage in Cuba. Getting married in Cuba

Would you like to get married in Cuba?

Once you have decided to get married in Cuba, it is time to find out what you need to do in order to get married on the island. As for the ceremony, the truth is that the prices are variable and depend on various factors such as the budget of the bride and groom, the number of guests, the location, etc.

However, before considering all these details, it is necessary to find out about the documentation necessary to get married in Cuba and the costs of notary services.

What documentation is needed to get married in Cuba? How much does it cost to get married in Cuba? Throughout this article you will discover the answer to these questions.

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