How to make your 15-year-old party in Havana
Often, young cubans are passionate about celebrating their fifteen birthday. This date becomes a transcendental event, one of the most anticipated in adolescence, and remembered throughout life. Sharing such a long-awaited occasion with family and friends makes it an even more special moment, which combines sweet feelings with the joy and joy that emerge at this stage of life, and which are characteristic of fifteen birthday parties in Havana, Cuba.

Tips to make your fifteen birthday party unforgettable:

-Define your budget in advance, this will save you time and energy. The sooner you are clear about this issue, you can focus on those offers that optimally meet your needs.

-Select your event organizers carefully, this point deserves your full attention. You must be clear that choosing a good team will directly influence the success of your fifteen birthday party in Havana. The right organizers will be involved in every last detail of your event, and will ensure that it exceeds your expectations and those of your guests.

At Bodas en Cuba Fiestas we have different packages for 15 years, so that you can enjoy your quinceanera´s party to the fullest without worrying about anything, we adjust to your budget and needs.

-Define the central theme of your party, take the time to dream, you only turn 15 once! It can be focused on your favorite color, or a combination of shades that you like. You can also choose to give it your personal touch, directing all the elements of the decoration,with your style. It is ideal if you are advised by professionals who guarantee you all the accessories you need and give you the best design ideas.

-Choose the best activities for your party, no one better than you knows what you and your guests are passionate about. You can include some traditions in your 15-year event, whether generic or family. Among the most distinguished in Havana, is the delivery of the 15 roses, this becomes an emotional moment of the party, of great sentimental value for the quinceanera (or) and her loved ones. Now, this does not mean that your party should be old-fashioned or boring, the trick is to combine tradition with fun, surely a foam cannon, good music or a super pool will give it that youthful touch you are waiting for!

-Choose the right place for your party, you can opt for a formal ceremony in an air-conditioned venue, the glamor of a Havana hotel or a ranch with a pool. You can also decide to celebrate your fifteen years in a house on the beach, where you can enjoy with your friends and family; the organizers of your event will ensure that you have everything you need in the place of your choice.