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Cuba Party Decor

Cuba party decor


When it comes to throwing a party, Cuba knows how to bring heat and energy. With lively music and delicious food, a Cuban party is an unforgettable experience. But what really distinguishes a celebration held on the Island is its decoration.

Party in Havana


Havana, the capital of Cuba, is renowned for its vibrant culture and lively atmosphere. A Havana party is a true cultural experience, with music, dancing and decorations that reflect the city’s rich history and heritage.


Decor for a Havana party often involves bright colors, bold patterns, and tropical motifs. Think palm leaves, flowers and paper fans. These elements not only add to the festive atmosphere, but also pay tribute to the city’s natural beauty and climate.

Cuba party decor - pink flowers and table

Cuban Party Decoration


If you are interested in organizing a party in Havana or simply want to bring Caribbean flavor to your next celebration, here are some tips and ideas to decorate your event:


  1. Use bright and bold colors, as they are a symbol of joy and celebration. Incorporate pink, yellow and green into your decorations for a vibrant and festive atmosphere.
  2. Add tropical motifs, as they are a basic element in Cuban decoration. Consider incorporating them into your centerpiece and bunting setups.
  3. Place papel picado: Papel picado, or tissue paper pennants, are a traditional decoration in Cuba. These colorful bunting are easy to make and add a festive touch to any celebration.
  4. Use crumpled paper fans: They add a touch of color and serve as functional decoration, providing a cool breeze on hot summer days.
  5. Incorporate vintage elements: It can add a touch of nostalgia and charm. Consider using old posters or album covers.
Cuba party decor - white flowers and table

No matter where you are hosting your party, incorporating elements of Cuban decor can add magic and excitement. So why not bring Cuban flavor to your next celebration? With these decoration ideas, you can create a party that is both elegant and authentic. Let’s celebrate!

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