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Havana theme party

Cuban havana themed party

An exciting way to celebrate an event is to host a Havana themed party, as it will evoke the joy and spirit of your guests and transport them to the colorful streets of Old Havana. To achieve this, consider decorating the space with typical elements such as flags, guano hats, and vintage posters of the island. Music is essential, so make sure you have a selection of Cuban son, salsa and traditional music to liven up the celebration. These are just some tips; If you continue reading you will find creative ideas to make your celebration a success and you will also learn about the Cuba Fiestas Wedding Event Agency, which can meet all your wishes and demands.

Havana nights theme party

The nights of Havana suggest an atmosphere of mystery, elegance and fun. If you want to transport your guests to this charming atmosphere, a theme party of this type is the perfect choice. From seductive music to sophisticated décor, here’s how to host an unforgettable celebration inspired by this iconic Caribbean setting.
To recreate the magic of Havana nights, lighting is key; Opt for soft, warm lights that create an intimate and cozy atmosphere. Candles, lanterns and hanging lights can add a romantic and mysterious touch to your party. In addition, decoration with vibrant colors and tropical elements such as palm leaves and exotic flowers will help transport your guests to Havana at night.

Cuban son, salsa and other Caribbean rhythms are the perfect soundtrack for this celebration. Consider hiring a live music group to add an authentic touch to the party, or create a playlist of Cuban music classics to keep your guests dancing all night.

Food is another essential element in a Havana night themed party. Offer your guests a selection of delicacies such as tostones, empanadas, fried yuca and, of course, mojitos and daiquiris to refresh the palate. Consider including interactive food stations where guests can enjoy authentic flavors and experiment with island cuisine.
To add authenticity to your Havana nights themed party, include special details like Cuban cigars to give to guests and vintage Havana-inspired signs. These small details will make the experience even more memorable and fun for all attendees.

Cuban parties theme ideas and havana party ideas


Cuban festivals are synonymous with joy and contagious rhythm. Here we show you what the key points are so that you can have the best celebration.

To create the perfect environment, decoration plays a fundamental role. Opt for vibrant colors such as red, blue and white, which are representative of the Cuban flag. Include items like guano hats, palms, and island signs for an authentic touch. Additionally, you can add tropical plants such as palm trees and ferns to complete the Caribbean vibe.

Surprise your guests with a selection of typical dishes from the Island such as ropavieja, tostones, rice with black beans and ripe plantains. Don’t forget to include refreshing drinks such as mojitos, daiquiris and pina coladas to complete the Caribbean dining experience.

To keep your guests entertained, consider including themed activities such as dance classes, domino games, or even a demonstration of how to make an authentic Cuban mojito. These activities will not only add fun to the party, but will also allow guests to immerse themselves in Cuban culture and enjoy an interactive and enriching experience.

Old Havana themed party


Old Havana, with its colonial charm, cobblestone streets and historic architecture, is a perfect setting for a themed party. To transport your guests to Old Havana, decoration plays a fundamental role. Choose elements that reflect the colonial architecture of the area, such as wrought iron lanterns, decorative balconies, and antique-style furniture. Use warm, earthy colors such as ocher, terracotta and olive green to recreate the nostalgic atmosphere of Old Havana. Additionally, add details such as ceramic vases, vintage candelabras and tropical plants to complete the colonial and elegant atmosphere.

Food is an essential part of any theme party. Surprise your guests with a selection of traditional dishes such as ropavieja, arroz congrí, yuca con mojo and ripe plantains. Pair these exquisite flavors with classic cocktails such as the mojito, daiquiri and cuba libre for an authentic and sophisticated dining experience.

A playlist with traditional Cuban music such as boleros, danzones and guarachas will be ideal to take your guests to the golden age of Old Havana. Also, consider including special details like vintage lanterns and old photos of the city.

A Havana theme party is a great way to add exoticism and fun to any celebration. Whether you want to plan a wedding in Cuba, a Cuban-themed party in Havana or simply want to enjoy the festive atmosphere of the Island, these ideas will help you create an unforgettable celebration. Get ready to dance, toast and enjoy Cuban style at your next event!

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