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Photographer in Cuba

In Cuba, photography is an art that flourishes in every corner and merges with daily life in a country with picturesque places. We are fortunate to have professionals in this art with the versatility to take a specialized photography tour or take unique snapshots at the events we organize. If you are wondering how much does a photographer charge? or Where do they take photos in Cuba? You are in the right place to find out. Learn about the fascinating world of commercial photography in Cuba.


Photography studio offers in Havana


The spaces for photography in Havana have different services to satisfy all tastes. Family and creative sessions, artistic and classic portraits, are some of the options you can access. Explore the available offers and choose the style that best suits your vision.

Likewise, they are recognized for adapting to the preferences and styles of each client. They provide personalized sessions for weddings, engagements, pregnancies, babies, family, etc. With high-quality equipment and a creative approach, they guarantee exceptional results that exceed expectations.

You will also find talented and passionate photographers who are dedicated to capturing the essence and beauty of each moment. Through their artistic and technical skills, they transform everyday moments into masterpieces. In addition, they know how to play with light, colors and emotions, which guarantees striking and memorable images.

Photographers in Havana


Whether you’re looking for a photographer for your wedding, a family session, or just to explore the city, you’ll find talent and creativity around every corner. They stand out for their ability to capture the essence and beauty of each moment. With years of experience and a creative approach, Cuban photographers are recognized for their quality and passion for visual art.


Photography studios for children in Havana


Children’s photography studios are spaces where creativity and fun come together to capture the essence of childhood. They stand out for their professionalism when it comes to capturing the innocence and joy of the little ones. With settings specially designed to create a playful and welcoming atmosphere, children have fun while being photographed.

They also provide special services, creating magical and fun moments that are captured in beautiful photographs. Through thematic sessions on various topics and classic portraits, your little ones will feel like real stars in front of the camera. Each photo session is a unique and personalized experience, adapted to the preferences of each child. Photographers know how to capture the essence of childhood in a creative and emotional way. Children feel comfortable and free to express themselves, which is reflected in each image.

If you want to immortalize your little ones’ most precious moments with style and professionalism, specialized photography studios in Havana are the perfect place to create memories that will last forever.

How much does a photographer charge in Havana?


Prices vary depending on various factors, such as the experience of the photographer, the length of the session, and the services included. Even so, they maintain competitive and accessible prices for their customers. With options to suit different budgets and needs, it is possible to find customized packages that guarantee an unforgettable photography experience without compromising quality. You will find basic sessions and complete packages with personalized albums; It is important to communicate your expectations and budget to the photographer to find the best option. We recommend that you contact the studio of your choice directly to obtain detailed information about the rates and packages available.


Where Are Photo Sessions Taken in Cuba?

Cuba offers unique settings for unforgettable photo sessions. The streets and buildings of Old Havana, the paradisiacal beaches of Varadero, hotels, parks, etc., every corner of the island is an opportunity to create memorable images. Don’t hesitate to explore different locations to find the perfect setting that complements your vision.

If you want to find the ideal photographer for your celebration, make sure you are properly informed. Our event organizing agency Bodas en Cuba Fiestas resides in the Cuban capital, but we organize events throughout the island. We can help you coordinate all the details. You just have to fill out the form below and you will be assisted instantly.

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