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The best offers of photographic studios in Havana

Photographic services for the whole family

Our photographic services in Havana are designed to provide you with a unique and personalized experience. We offer outdoor and indoor photography sessions in the most beautiful and emblematic places in the city, as well as portrait sessions and event photography. Contact us to capture the most important moments of your life!

Offers of photographic studios in Havana

Offer of Photographic Studios for children

  • Photobook 8×12 of 20 photos
  • Canvas print 24×39
  • 5 changes of clothes
  • Includes tour of 3 locations in the city for exterior photos (customer car)


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From 250 USD

Offer of Photographic Studios for weddings

  •  Photo tour. Photobook with 26 outdoor photos. Laminated all pages, edge paintings 8 x 12 inches
  • 3 changes of clothes
  •  1 enlargement on photographic paper 16 x 24 inches
  • DVD of the contracted photos (ready to print)
  •  10 memory cards
  • Stylist


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From 350 USD

Offer of Photographic Studios for Quinceaneras

  • Photobook of 30 photos in studio
  • Magazine of 20 photos
  • 12 changes (5 suits + 7 casuals: quinceanera clothes)
  • Stylist service
  • 1 enlargement on photographic 24 x 39 inches
  • Canvas print 24 x 39 inches (unframed)
  • Chest to store the book
  • Transportation for the outdoor session (quinceanera and a companion)
  • 40 memory cards
  • Digital images contracted on the client’s USB


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From 680 USD

Photo studios for children

Photographic studio for children Havana


At the children’s photo studios in Havana, you will be able to obtain lasting memories of the first years of your son or daughter’s life. These professional photographers know how to capture the essence of children and create photos that show their unique personality.

Also, they offer a wide variety of options for parents looking for a specific style of photography. From classic portraits to more modern and creative images, there is something for everyone. Best of all, these photos can be used to decorate your home, create scrapbooks, or even give as gifts to friends and family.

Photo studios for 15

Quinceanera photography studios in Havana are the perfect opportunity to capture the most precious moments of a once-in-a-lifetime celebration. Quinceaneras can explore their personal style and creativity, accompanied by highly trained photographers to create stunning images that reflect the spirit of this special celebration.

Photo studios of 15 Havana


These spaces offer the opportunity to explore the vibrant city, capturing the unique beauty and culture of the city in its photos.

In addition, the latest technologies and editing techniques are used to ensure that your 15 years old photos are of the highest quality.

Wedding photography studios

Havana wedding photography studios work to create stunning images that capture the love, emotion and beauty of this very special moment.
Among its services are photos of the ceremony, studio photos of the couple and family, as well as a tour of the city. From the colorful colonial buildings to the stunning panoramic views, there are plenty of opportunities for newlyweds to explore and capture the essence of Havana in their wedding photos.

Photographic studios in Vedado


Photographic studios in Vedado


El Vedado is one of the most popular areas of the Cuban capital. Its architecture and beautiful landscapes that combine urbanity with abundant trees; they create the perfect combination for your photos in Havana. This environment makes the area an ideal space to explore specialized techniques, such as portrait photography, street photography, architectural photography, and landscape photography. The photographic studios of Vedado are favored by these circumstances, and take advantage of them to obtain the best result.

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