In the following article we explain how to marry a Cuban woman or man and the formalities that this operation implies.

To enter into marriage with a Cuban national, foreigners must present “literal certification of birth,” if single, “certification of singleness, faith of life and status, or sworn statement” authorized by the registrar of civil status or notary public (six months of validity counted from its issuance), the widow(er), “certification of marriage and certification of death” of the ex-spouse, divorced persons, “literal divorce judgment,” and the “passport and permission to stay” in Cuban territory.

The documents need to be translated into Spanish and must be presented for legalization at the Cuban consulate in your country.

Cubans residing abroad need a “passport and permission to stay” in Cuban territory, and a Cuban birth certificate. On the other hand, those who live in Cuba will present an identity card and a Cuban birth certificate. In the case of divorce, the respective “certification of a final divorce sentence or copy of the notarial deed”, the woman who has less than 300 days of divorce, counted from the extinction of the previous marriage, will present a “medical certificate” accrediting whether or not she is in a state of gestation. If the person is a minor, he or she must present “authorization from both parents”.

There is also the possibility of a marriage by proxy. This occurs when the foreigner or Cuban resident abroad cannot be present at the act of marriage. If so, a power of attorney will be procured at a notary public or the Cuban consulate in the country where the person lives granted to a person who will represents him of her in the matrimonial act. The grantee must be of legal age, regardless of sex and nationality. You must have the personal data of the other spouse and the attorney-in-fact. If the power of attorney was issued by a notary, it must be legalized at the Cuban Consulate.

The documentation will be delivered to one of the offices of the “Consultoría Jurídica Internacional, S.A.”, where “Special Notaries” are located, to the notary who will attend the case. The data of two witnesses for the act will also be presented (over 18 years of age, understanding the Spanish language and not being relatives of the contracting parties), which include: names and surnames, address, permanent identity number.

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